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Red Carpets are where you see Hollywoods leading men with their lady loves but for Tom Hardy his adopted mutts take all the attention. Tom recently took Woody the dog he adopted from the road to the premiere of his upcoming movie. #dogadoption #dogloversofinstagram #petstagram #hollywood #petstagram #dogoftheday #adoptdontshop #tomhardy

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund - All is blogs are great but this one made me laugh so hard I couldn't breath!

Wtf....dam teacher and their lesson plans...@Regrann_App from @crackedrosecoloredglasses_us - The family of a black Folsom student filed a complaint this month after a Sutter Middle School history teacher used a lynching analogy to define how states treat individuals under the U.S. Constitution. --------------------------------------- The teacher Woody Hart told his eighth-grade class When you hang one black person you have to hang them all (as) that is equality according to a complaint…

Sometimes when you are trying to make us closer I don't see it and I let it pass me bye. I always hate myself when I realize what you were doing later. I get so frustrated and confused that i actually stop listening to what you actually say. I will pay more attention to the words coming out of your mouth from now on. I wish I never pushed you . You would have told me that you loved me for a few more days. Der Der

Donald trump: your sons love for hunting African animals has nothing to do with the second amendment! This rich idiots need to be treated the same and put a price on there heads for trophies and see how that feels!