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We love the Chinese culture, wherever in the world you find it. But not all Chinatowns are as authentic as you would hope!

How to Pack for Study Abroad in China

Toluca De Lerdo

Chengdu, China, is famous for its tea houses :) Been there ounce, but I hope to study abroad there next summer!

5 Emotional Phases Of Moving Abroad, Not What You Expect

5 Emotional Phases Of Moving Abroad. What emotions and phases of culture shock to expect when you move or study abroad. This is what I went through after moving to a country where I don't speak the language. I deal with anxiety and depression, but I don't let that stop me from travel!

If you are the traveling adventurer or would like to be, then you quickly (need to) learn that "things" mean less and it's the experiences you value. I believe this personally to be a true statement but if you decide to live in a country for a few months or a year then there are a few "things"…

Some things your will never learn until you come to China to experience it for yourself!