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Omg... you never call Erik "dude", Raoul!!!

How NOT to do a puzzle class bulletin board! haha. Poor Gabe.

Why thank you, I'd love to have my own chandelier. As long as it comes with Erik. Please and thank you! xD



Ted’s Sleepless in Seattle…

When you're an architect with a scale model of a skyscraper who wouldn't automatically think to reenact one of the most famous chick flicks of all time. Sleepless in Seattle à la Ted Mosby #HIMYM

IM LAUGHING SO HARD I DONT KNOW WHY<< lov the hunger games reference but this is also a really cute necklace:(

Alright, lets start at the very beginning. All the thousand times I watch it, it never gets old. The musical itself is well done! *The Sound of Music - 1965*

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12 Musicals We Hope And Dream NBC Will Turn Into A Live Theatrical Event

12 Musicals We Hope NBC Will Turn Into a Live Event. I like the My Fair Lady idea with Jennifer Lawerence and Bennedict Cunmberbatch.

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Victoria Russell on

aaron tveit <3


Les Miserables summed up…

So here's what happens in Les Mis