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    • Minnesota Renaissance Festival

      Flower garlands can be found exclusively at the Renaissance Festival

    • Marla Swoffer

      These flower garlands remind me of my childhood - my favorite part of my hippie parents taking me to the Renaissance faire was getting to wear one of these on my head. Then I would take it home and hang it from my curtain rod as a dried flower & ribbons keepsake.

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    bubble gum scented sanrio erasers - I wanted to eat them

    Jean Nate After Bath Splash #80s

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    Another fave growing up...

    ima proud '70's kid ;) whatcha talkin bout Willis? lol

    koala clip! 80s ;) totally had one of these lol.

    Laverne Shirley! (aired in 70's) The misadventures of two single women in the 1950's and '60's. Starring Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams

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    Fisher Price barnyard set. When you opened the barn door, you would hear a mooing sound. Very cutting-edge for the '70s. :)

    70s barbie head! Came with rollrs, comb, brush and Make-up! How fun... I used to love this!!!

    Why couldn't I have a Fantasy Island trip - ? is what would my fantasy be - my imagination has so many possibilities

    Vintage 70s Toy TOMY Teaching Owl - yes, I learned to tell time with that!

    Bionic Woman - 80's TV my stepsister insisted she was on the outside of the car pushing it to freak her sister out, when the car broke down she was like whered she go..

    Vintage Bradley Doll from 60s70s by DollsInARow on Etsy, $15.00

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    70s toys spirograph - still have mine in it's original box

    Image Search Results for 70s tv shows.... I watched so many reruns of this when I was little!!

    Popular in the 70's ..wow I remember this we used it alot i loved the smell... a garden of earthly delights ! Christina Childress Childress Childress Childress Childress Crihfield