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Images, quotes and more about one of the best series of all time and his majestic star Hugh Laurie

House MD - Wilson shows the sympathy, Cuddy is the backbone and keeps things in order, but House is just the brains

Dr. House

Okay I get why Wilson's Heart and Houses Head are glowing, but why is Cuddy's back glowing too?

One Episode Left... great article and Entertainment Weekly

Editorial Illustrations by Charis Tsevis, via Behance Hugh Laurie for TV Guide A mosaic portrait of Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) made out of pills for the cover of TV GUIDE Magazine (USA).

House TV Show | House M.D. (2004) poster -

I want to tear my leg so I can hit people with a cane and walk off like a "house"

These minimalist posters leave you guessing as to the popular TV series they go with. But they stand alone as art too.

Poster series: Fifteen Iconic TV Shows To Guess