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    Cat Stamps by Dana Goldberg

    Mosaic Stained Glass Sunflower by Rachel K. Jones, via Flickr

    Maurice Chevalier and friend

    Golden Lion Cafe, France

    photographer Andy Prokh

    Paris Organ grinder ... love the cat's bed

    Hold still

    Another day on the job

    say "fleas"

    MRS BUGLER GOES TO WAR: EVERYDAY LIFE IN EAST DEAN, SUSSEX, ENGLAND, 1943. At the end of a long day, Mrs Bugler and her cat Tommy relax in front of the fire at her home in East Dean.

    Robert Capa, [Man and cat outside an air-raid shelter, London], June-July 1941

    VP-12 Squadron CO, Commander Clarence Orville Taff and black cat mascot "Yardbird". VP-12 was the original Black Cat Squadron, and was based at Guadalcanal starting in December of 1942. Many other squadrons would follow in their footsteps.

    Cat "Puffy" Signing Autographs. Puffy Bares Paw in Bond Drive. New York. Puffy, famed mystic cat, perched at the bond booth in the Cafe Zanzibar tonight where he autographed his picture for bond purchasers as the Night Club 7th War Loan Drive got underway. Here, the king of all cats looks up at Ruth Rhind as she receives the bond she just purchased from Rose Horowitz. Puffy "sold" over $ 50,000 in war bonds in his first two hours as bond salesman. May 14, 1945

    Ellen Swallow Richards - the foremost female industrial & environmental chemist in the 19th-century US, pioneering the field of home economics. She was the first woman admitted to MIT & its first female instructor; the first woman in the US accepted to any school of science or Technology, & the first American woman with a degree in chemistry.

    German soldier with cat

    German soldier with cat

    1942- "PX", cat mascot, guards the till at the Post Exchange of a U.S. coast artillery outpost in Panama.

    1942- "PX", cat mascot, guards the till at the Post Exchange of a U.S. coast artillery outpost in Panama.

    Edward Weston - Cats at Door, 1944.

    Unsinkable Sam (aka Oskar/Oscar) - German ship’s cat who saw service in both the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy during the Second World War, serving on board three vessels (the Bismarck, the HMS Cossack and the HMS Ark Royal) and surviving the sinking of all three.

    After air raid. Germany, 1943. zveri-zveri.livej...

    Sailors of HMS BELFAST with a young cat, possibly "Frankenstein", on the starboard side of A Turret.

    French Navy anti-submarine trawler. 1940

    When John Lennon was a teenager, he was walking down a street in winter when he found a stray cat. He couldn't just leave the cat there in the freezing cold. So he picked it up and took it to his house, calling it Tim. In this picture, you can see his Aunt Mimi and his favorite cat, Tim.