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When my fiancé and I went to Disneyland, we got told by a lot of people that we resembled Herc and Meg! I took it as a compliment! :)

I love how this artist interpreted Maleficient. Like she is fully within her rights to be annoyed by everyone in the Disney universe.

This is the funniest thing Ive seen in a while bahaha!!!! HERCERLERS! This meme has new meaning!

Day 5: Your Favorite Hero- Hunkules!!! I have this obsession with mythology, so of course I'm going to pick Hercules!! He's not afraid to do what he has to for the people he love's!!

So I hear you like villains... - Imgur

Disney's Hercules & Cinderella. Omg the little girls face ^_^

"Everybody in Greece thinks you're the greatest thing since they put the pocket in pita."

Meg from "Hercules" She's my favorite even though she's not technically a princess, she actually did something with her life besides just fall in love...she stood up to Hades and risked her life for Hercules'.

The comments on this are hilarious.

como esto as coisas no mundo inferior? bem, eles esto muito bem. Voc sabe, um pouco escuro, um pouco sombrias e, como sempre, cheio de pessoas mortas. O que voc vai fazer?

"People do crazy things..." It's kind of awful to know that Hercules is going to marry her, they'll have three (or seven) sons, then Hera will curse him with insanity and he'll murder her and their kids. Ahhh, Greek mythology. Bringing us tragic stories of capricious fate for more then 2000 years.

Another pinned said, "i love that i married my high school sweetheart. we're in stage 2." I'm still waiting to marry my high school sweetheart :)