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  • Karen Miller

    North Beach Treasures: Rare Sea Glass Colors, Part 2

  • Dawn Costner

    Aquamarine is possibly the single most sought after color among jewelers and artists, as well as with many collectors. I have found three distinct color variations: "regular" aquamarine, greenish aquamarine and the very rare deep (greenish) aquamarine.

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the Art of Sea Glass (photo by Sharon Umbaugh) (via N Am Sea Glass Assoc 2012)

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Rare red sea glass from Canada... I NEED to find a piece of this someday...

Colorful Sea Glass Pendant Featuring Rare Colors (photo by OceansBounty)

Maine's 5,500 miles of coastline is rich in places to hunt for colorful sea glass. After years of erosion from tumbling tides, sea glass pieces -- dumped or washed into the ocean from various ...

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Sea Glass Marbles are a fairly rare type of sea glass. As the name implies, these are common glass marbles-- the kind that were popular as children's toys 50-100 years ago-- that ended up getting thrown away, and then ended up in the ocean, where they became sea glass through the exact same process that creates other kinds of sea glass. Whereas sea glass marbles can-- technically speaking-- be found anywhere

Sea Glass (although I'm pretty sure it's not real sea glass. Maybe just glass that's been tumbled)