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Taylor Caniff is seriously killing me right now!

Hey! I'm Taylor and I'm 18! I have a twin sister named Andrea and we both attend UCLA! I live in California with my mom, dad, and twin sister! I have a cousin named Sophie who also attends UCLA! I'm currently single. I am apart of Magcon and my best friends are Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa! I love sports!

i love all these boys but whoever made this is wrong!! hayes full name is BENJAMIN HAYES GRIER NOT HAYES BENJAMIN GRIER ( hayes is his middle name duh<3)

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Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Taylor Caniff Tshirt


MagCon Birthdays (Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Matt Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, JC Caylen, Aaron Carpenter, Sam Pottorff, Jacob Whitesides and Nash Grier)

Taylor Caniff, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier,Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Aaron Carpenter Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson and Shawn Mendes make me feel like this!❤❤❤

Taylor Caniff, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas..... Where can I sign up for this class?..

@Cameron Daigle Dallas @Matthew Addonizio Espinosa @Sam Taylor Caniff @Cheryl Nash Grier @Aaron Kapor Carpenter @Shawn O Mendes @Antonin Bvo Gilinsky