Happy Nurses Week to all my fellow nurses! And for all my non-nurses, I really don't want to look at it (whatever bump, lump, or funky spot it is)

Save one life & you're a hero. Save one hundred lives, & you're a NURSE. Happy Nurses Week!

I just farted in your room and blamed the smell on you. Happy Nurses Week.

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Bahahahaha nursing humor

Happy Nurses Week!!

nurses week


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I came. I cared. I charted. Happy Nurses Week.

Too true. Happy Nurse's Week!

Happy nurses week! nurses

You can say the wound looks 'pussy' but you can't put pussy on a chart. Happy Nurses Week.


So so true.

Happy Nurses Week! :)

Happy Nurses Week to someone who has seen more penises than a prostitute.


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To all my nursing friends....Happy Nurse's Week!!!