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Blue mushroom (Entoloma hochstetteri) by little.tomato A blue mushroom from the inland track in Abel Tasman.

Flying free and high these bald eagles look amazing with these mountains, which look as though the American Flag is presented with the snow, behind them.                                                                                                                                                      More

Rick Kelley On Freedoms Wing


"Forest Snack" by quanitz on deviantART (Amanita Muscaria ~ Fly Agaric)-poisonous

Russula mushroom

A glossy red Russula mushroom growing up through a bed of wet Fern Moss (Thuidium sp.) at Historic Occoneechee Speedway Trail, Orange County, NC. Good things can come from cool and rainy days in the field. Cap diameter about 1 inch.

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Beautiful yellow stemmed mushrooms, toadtools, fungi with lovely texture!

Glistening Inkcap mushrooms (Coprinellus micaceus) ~ By Stefan Traumflieger

Glistening Inkcap mushrooms (Coprinellus micaceus) ~ By Stefan Traumflieger Mehr

Cruentomycena viscidocruenta

Mycena Viscidocruenta, Ruby Bonnet is a tiny Australia-NZ wood-rotting fungus commonly found in litter in forests, woodland and heath-land. It is blood red all over.

Sei mein Licht von Moonshroom

Like how it seems like light is coming from the inside of the hood

¿hongo, seta o la casa de un duende?.

I wonder what makes these mushrooms glow. I need to do some research. This is interesting ! This mushroom is awesome . It glows has color and little white stuff on top. This one looks like a fairy home as well !