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Creative High Heels Design

Though we don’t encourage any young STEMists to actually wear these shoes, Kobi Levi makes beautiful and original shoes such as these catapult “Sling Shot” shoes.

Google Image Result for http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0H1qncQpLoo/Tl0_5tvLg6I/AAAAAAAAB_c/IDlEVaPDn0M/s1600/Chewing%2Bgum%2B5.jpg. One of the coolest Kobi Levi shoes, still can't get over that bubblegum heel!

Creative High Heel Designs by Kobi Levi - Chewing Gum (lady Gaga)

amazing concept shoes by Kobi Levi. too awesome.

concept shoes by Kobi Levi - ummmm, not my style at ALL but someone does have an imagination! These make me laugh, not sure more so the brown dog-nose ones or the grey doggie-wants-to-play pose shoes.

Christian Louboutin's gravity-defying heels feature at the The Shoes for Show – The Sculptural art of High Heels exhibition in east London Pointe shoes with training wheels

Drool-Worthy Shoes By Robert Tabor Are Inspired By Food! found on Polyvore

Pea Pearls Raspberry Ring English Muffin Coin Purse Corn Shoe Habanero Earrings This is the first part of a photo series I’ve devised for my conceptual photography class. Expect the second ha…

High Heel Chicken Feet Shoes ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

High Heel Chicken Feet Shoes ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails These are the perfect shoes to go see a chicken fight NOT!

Costa Magarakis - Tel-Aviv, Israel artist - 'Follow Me'

Costa Magarakis

Mexed media Scorpion high heal Shoe by spiderjelly on Etsy. It's Mexed media and very scary!

amor vincit omnia

The use of skulls goes back eons ago. Today skulls have become notorious in tattoos and fashion including eyewear.

HYSTERICAL! You know Ive thought of needing these at times!

umbrella shoes - No matter how big the umbrella, my feet still get wet under a torrential downfall. These Umbrella Shoes are a unique solution to this ongoing probl.