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How I Use the Social Thinking Curriculum to Teach Flexible Thinking

Do your students have rock brain? Use some sensory balls and rocks to help your students become more flexible and aware of others' feelings. A great post if you teach students with special learning needs and social challenges. Read more at:

Social Thinking at Home: Unthinkables - Glassman

I’m a fan of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking. I recently started writing about the Unthinkables, starting with Rock Brain. Another Unthinkable that takes over kids brains frequently is Glassman. Glassman makes kids have huge upset reactions. A great way to teach kids to manage Glassman is to review the size of problems and the size of reactions. If you are having a small problem, you should have a small reaction. When I talk about Unthinkables, I like to use visuals to help…

A good social skill shows that you know how to get along with others. Being social is also one of the health aspect, which let others know that you're not an introvert.