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Home renovation tips: In this article we give you the lowdown on the best way to fund your home renovation, including pros and cons of different payment types.

Planning a Thrifty Stay-Cation Vacation

Planning the Ultimate Stay-cation Vacation. Vacations don't have to take long hours in the car or on a plane or even cost a lot of money! Consider planning your family an amazing Stay-cation vacation this year! It's thrifty travel at it's best.

Kids Teach Personal Finance … To Us But How

This “ Kids Teach Personal Finance … To Us but How? “post is my second guest post ever. This post describes how our children teach us about life particularly in the area of personal finance. You may think that children are too young to teach us valuable lessons but they are not. As a parent, I like to teach my daughter just about anything. I like to teach her on how to take care of her toys, how to eat properly, and how to behave when in church.

7 Engaging and Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Money

We all want our kids to learn great habits - especially with money. There are lots of fun ways to teach kids about money. Use these ideas to start today.

What type of spending personality do you have? Find out from this rundown of traits, characteristics and solutions.

11 Important Tips For First Time Home Buyers

10 Tips I Learned From Buying My First Home

10 Lessons I learned from buying my first home and the thousands of dollars I regret spending. Don't make the same mistakes I did!