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    Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off? (Mirror)

    Boston Bombing - guy with legs blown off returns and is wheeled through ...

    Amputee Actor Caught Getting Into Position Boston Hoax

    Amputee actors help train soldiers for combat. Could actors like these been used to make Boston Bombing look real!? Lots of other YouTube videos pointing to staged scenes....

    Boston Bombing Hoax and the Fake Hero, Carlos Arredondo EXPOSED!

    "I saw a garbage can exploded." dustbomb used ..not a backpack !Photos and Eyewitnesses Confirm BOTH Boston Marathon Bombs Were Fake

    Brilliant Jeff Bauman Amputee Actor's Part in Boston Marathon Hoax.

    FBI Agents Caught Red Handed Boston Hoax

    Explosion At Texas Fertilizer Plant: False Flag CNN Caught Lying!! - YouTube

    Fake Blood Caught On Tape Boston Marathon Hoax Injuries

    Contractors who were seen running ... prior to the explosions they were standing in front of the blast sight. Just before the explosion they moved out into the street .... Did they know something ?

    "Boston bomber became an American Citizen on Sept 11, 2012. Yeah, let's pass that immigration bill"

    Castro Promised Hope & Change, Redistributed Wealth, Socialized Medicine...sound familiar?

    This is what Easter is. - Imgur

    Interesting Historical Fact Best Vision in The World!

    Before radical Islam and Shariah Law.....Iranian woman in the era before the Islamic revolution by Ayatollah Khomeini, 1960

    africa, famine and poverty

    Isn't bama sending our guys back in to that country..... WHY......Pinner Says~ {Dead U.S. Soldier in Mogadishu - I want every American to see this photo! These are the people we were sent in to help. This is how they show their appreciation.... (by cliff1066™, via Flickr)}

    This Is What Homophobia In France Looks Like After being attacked with his boyfriend in Paris on Sunday, Wilfred de Bruijn posted a photo of his beaten face to his personal Facebook page. A wave of anti-gay sentiment sweeps France in the midst of a marriage equality debate. [Warning: graphic images.]

    How U.S. currency looked in 1923