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Gross I know, but.This is 1 pound of fat. Every time you lose 1 pound, this is the amount of crap you're getting out of your body. Keep going.

It can be done!!

workout at home I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks from diet and exercise and wanted to share tips I use on how to make weight loss easier and m.

Amazing website. Great excersices and healthy recipes. These girls are inspirational. I hope to have a body like theirs soon, been working hard on it for a while.

It’s Bikini Bootcamp Time!

This is an awesome website run by two certified personal trainers and nutritionalists that focuses on toning up, and eating healthy. With printable workout plans, workout videos, lots of great recipes, and a printable monthly calendar of fitness goals.

pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle! Still sad you've "only" lost 5lbs??!! http://marcyblaney.myplexusproducts.com

pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle - that is crazy! Now I understand why 5 pounds of fat loss feels like a lot to me!

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In our quest for better Health & Fitness, we all need some Fitness Motivation! If your trying to lose weight, lose body fat, slim down your body or transform into a fitness model, remeber 1 little pound is really a lot!

Weekends are always difficult as most of us are out of our regular routine. That's okay, life happens, one bad day isn't going to ruin the hard work. Just get back up and to it, that will truly show you how strong you are ❤️

This is so important. Everybody has those "cheat" days and they can make you feel awful. Keep going and move on! Need to remember this!

This is another thing on here that i see all the time and find truly dumb... If your fat your fat.. Be happy with it or change it! It's really that simple.... Don't ruin a scale by writing some dumb emo shit a 15yr old girl tells herself... That doesn't help your weight situation. Go to the gym and don't eat crap food.. It's not magic.

The number on this scale will not tell you: what a good person you are; how much your friends & family love you; that you are kind, smart, funny & amazing in ways numbers cannot define; that you have the power to choose happiness; your own self worth.

Reasons to be Fit.  MIND AND BODY best medicine EVER!

this is why i work out!- working out gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people just don't kill their husbands.


42 Ways to Curb Hunger + Sugar Cravings = Eat Less & Lose More Weight

Eat to live. Great Picture to show how Fruits/Veggies and Water at the beginning of a meal can help reduce portion sizes of fatty/unhealthy foods. So you can eat and not be hungry, and reduce cravings. Article is for a vegan diet. reduce weight like crazy

Wow, I'll never look at 5lbs on my scales and be disappointed when I lose again.

hcg weight loss, lose weight fast in a week, losing belly fat quickly - Last week we posted about what one pound of fat looks like. And this is supposed to be five pounds. Such a large amount so just losing five is a hella huge accomplishment!

5lbs of fat vs 5lbs of muscle...

21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

We weigh more than before we started lifting, but we look slimmer.- 21 secrets girls who lift won't tell you CrossFit WOD fitness motivation inspiration fitspo health nutrition

Ugg gross

makes one pound lost a good thing.atleast the one pound lost multiplies over time, next thing you know you have lost

Visual perspective

5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle>> For the weeks I don't lose, but can feel my body changing. Its not just about the scale, its about how much space that same pound takes up and treating my body right.

20 Pounds of Fat | And here’s what 50 lbs of fat looks like…. | Shrinkin Kitteh Iz ...

And here’s what 50 lbs of fat looks like….

1 pound of fat. How about 100 pounds of fat? You should be happy each time you get rid of every.