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All About Gemini | do this all the time. | June-gemini... Funny that it's a game i play with myself... Byt that was supposed to be a secret!~bdrd

If I'm mad at you, it's usually because I'm scared that I'll hurt you. It's easier to push you away now before things get messier. I wish I could find someone who could handle my personality swings.

Since I was diagnosed with gifted when I was still in elementary school I've felt I have to live up to that. I started to notice how high my maturity was compared to others my age in middle school and I guess I owe part of that to my sign.

A Gemini is legendary for being extremely clever and having a natural ability to talk about anything and everything. They are also quick with one-liners and will remember the most obscure trivia.

--a magnetic, upbeat, and provoking personality, and because of this, tend to constantly attract admirers.....

Fun facts about your sign here. //Only problem is not resting can put you in the grave quicker EL//

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