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How to Be More Like the Amish Is your life crazy? Do you want things to slow down? Here’s a few ways to be more Amish. 1. Give up your smart phone . . . or at least wait an hour before you check it in the morning. Spend a few quiet moments with God instead. 2. Bake your own bread . . . or at least make a nice sandwich for your husband out of that store bought loaf and serve it with a cheerful heart. 3. Have more kids . . . {more on blog}

AMISH women at the beach, Chincoteague, Virginia, US _____________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)

~ Sarah's Country Kitchen ~

Amish boy and girl walking

When you see this sign, keep an eye out......

An Amish boy on his way home from school.

portrait of a young amish boy

A Life in the Sun - Hip shot by Silver Image, via Flickr

Havin' fun from Bill Coleman's collection - the online gallery of photography by Bill Coleman

two ladies ride in a buggy on a sunday afternoon

Amish-horse-and-buggy-hitching-up.jpg (600×400)


Adorable Amish Children

Traveling Amish Girls Photo taken by Cindy Tracey September 4, 2012

Little Amish girl

Very sweet....

Amish, via Flickr.

Amish Boy

Amish Boy


Lancaster, PA CUTE


An Amish Home

Little Amish Girl - USA