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Country Friends Donald Zolan (1937 – 2009, American) Pubblicato il febbraio 14, 2013

I remember being little and Amish lived down the street from my grandparents and I was always amazed by them! Def hardest working people

Fine Art Americafrom Fine Art America

Amish Country Tour Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Randy Matthews

While I'd never take their picture, as they don't like nor want it.. I do love seeing the little Amish kids in the buggies, in Lancaster, PA. They're adorable.

Roadtrippersfrom Roadtrippers

The 2 Hour Amish Heartland Tour


"A barn-raising is indeed a community endeavor for the Amish. At daybreak, the Amish buggies arrive at the farm where the barn is to be erected. An experienced Amish carpenter/contractor is in charge and men are assigned to various areas of work. Often the framing is completed before the noon meal and in the afternoon the roofing is installed. Meanwhile the women are preparing a delicious noon meal, sometimes served outdoors. There is always prayer before a meal is served.