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The Old Order Amish are biblicists as opposed to spiritualists. They recognize the authority of God’s Word as written down in the Bible and place less emphasis than do the Inspirationalists on God’s giving direct enlightenment to Christians through his Spirit. In addition, the Amish come from Swiss ethnic stock and speak a completely different German dialect than members of the Amana Society. Old Order Amish and the Amana Colonies Page 3

Amish Volleyball Tournament Girls playing volleyball at a volleyball tournament at the Mt. Hope Auction grounds. Mt. Hope is a very large Amish center found in Holmes County Ohio. Suprisingly volleyball is huge among Amish children and teenagers. These teenagers even had kneepads and tennis shoes on!

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The Simple Life: Devotional Thoughts from Amish Country

Sixty meditations designed to encourage a quieter, more peaceful, and more joyful life is shared here in light of the quiet simple lifestyle of Amish culture. S

fishing time~ what my son so longs to do.