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Brimham Rocks

This Rowan tree must have one of the best views in Yorkshire, perched atop Castle Rock

Fruit spotters guide to the Rowan. Scientific name: Sorbus aucuparia. Spot these berries in Aug-Sep. From late August onwards the berries on this tree begin to turn bright orange. Some horticultural varieties of this tree have yellow berries and these are commonly planted in towns and cities where they can sometimes attract large flocks of Waxwings during the winter.

Skittles infused vodka.  Oh Hell Yeah I would make this!

Skittles Vodka Tutorial

Fruit spotters guide to the Douglas fir. Scientific name: Pseudotsuga menziesii Spot these cones from Oct-Apr. The cones of this coniferous tree are readily identified by the three-pronged bract that protudes from between the cone scales. Native to North America, this tree is a common forestry species in the British isles.

Beech nuts - This easily recognisable tree can grow up to 40m (131ft) tall. The leaves are bright green, alternate and oval. The nuts grow with four, three-sided nuts to one brown prickly husk. It tastes similar to a walnut, but gather early, as you will have squirrels to contend with.