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damnrightdoxie: Not my marriage of course, but still funny and cute dachshunds.

i don't want a dog but oh my, these pictures are everywhere right now and they're melting my icy heart...

Dogs and Babies Sleeping 12 pics cute babies animals dogs kids baby adorable dog puppy animal pets funny animals funny pets heart warming funny dogs

Больше, чем просто фотография. Часть 12. (50 фото)

Meanwhile at the Post Office. Lol why is this dog being subjected to post office errands?

Такие кадры бывают раз на миллион. 20 невероятно смешных снимков, снятых за секунду до...

Funny pictures about Bad idea. Oh, and cool pics about Bad idea. Also, Bad idea photos.

K9 kindergarten cop

The Sheriff And His Favorite cute animals dogs child kids adorable dog puppy animal pets children funny animals cute kids funny dogs

Gorgeous Boxer!

despite their tough looking appearance, boxer are just the softest, most affectionate dogs around! -- this is an especially beautiful Boxer!

You Can't Resist Laughing While Watching Animals - Funny Animal Compilation

25 Cats and dogs losing the battle with human furniture - Have a dog or cat? You'll probably recognize some of these hilarious moments of pets using furniture.

Husky and husky "puppy" (aka dog fur!!). So weird

Not a Husky Puppy. Not a Husky Toy Either. Think Much, Much Weirder…

Im good...

Dog In Bed funny quotes memes quote funny quotes humor good morning mornings. This is Ed every or I g when I go to work.

Cutest Dog Breeds in the world. Follow me for more cool pics and information about puppies and dogs. #cutest #dog #puppy

List Cutest Dog Breeds In The World With Picture. Do You Make Them Pets

Boxer intelligence lol - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes! - Tap The Link Now Find that Perfect Gift