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no, not babies.... seahorses EAT their babies! The theory is that they cling together to look bigger to predators...still sweet, but realistic. Seahorse with baby in tow. Hold on..

The Blue Angel sea slug, eats poisonous Portuguese Man o'war tentacles concentrates the venom for it's own use and becomes more deadly than it's victim.

The tank holds 60 gallons and is completely self contained, coming with everything necessary to keep tropical freshwater fish healthy and happy. Each one is custom made and will cost you $3400 excluding only fish and gravel.

learn how to get perfect white teeth without baking soda or peroxide that can broke your enamel, find out whiten your teeth with natural home remedies-Yes, I'm team Jacob. I'm also totally in love with Taylor Lautner (not Jacob- actual Taylor).

We run the only Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on the East African seaboard. This is a fantastic facility and is also helping us research these incredible animals. The centre has 8 purpose built holding tanks, with 2 smaller tanks. We have acquired considerable knowledge and expertise in treating and caring for sick and injured turtles and are now able to care for up to 10 turtles at a time.Rehabilitation Centre