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This watercolour of 1923 by Paul Signac (1863-1945) depicts le Petit Andely in Normandy, France . The artist lived here in 1886 and painted several landscapes. From the collection of Brafa exhibitor Galerie des Modernes.

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 606, f. 2v (Temperance winding her clock). Christine de Pizan, Épître d’Othéa. Paris, c.140...

‘Arctic landscape with sunset’ by Emmanuel A. Petersen (1894-1948). This Danish artist had a great interest in Greenlandic scenery and the Inuit way of life. The painting will be offered at BRAFA 2014 by Philippe Heim & James Bauerle.

RENAISSANCE TAPESTRY 16TH La vie seigneuriale - The life of the nobles: The bath. Loire valley workshop, 16th. Musee du Moyen-Age(Cluny), Paris, France