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I like this one shows more of the picture but it kinda almost maybe a little bit looks like a oil painting or just a really beautiful place... this is just a hobby of mine I could do this stuff all many beautiful things to capture

Super moon over Chicago (Chicago Pin of the Day, 11/17/2016).

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Couldn't choke one down in a life or death sitch. Okay, anything involving my son's safety somehow being linked to my ability to choke it down, I know I wouldn't hesitate to munch on fungi; otherwise I just think it's oftentimes very beautiful - & yet not so much something I prefer to eat. Kinda like women o_O

Jesus,wat een prints,strepen,goh dit is toooo much,maar deze outfit geeft wel een duidelijk beeld wat verticale,diagonale lijnen kunnen doen...en een iets grotere print zoals bij deze rok ....gaat toch wel iets meer verruimen

from Nordstrom

Chuck Taylor® Low Top Sneaker (Women)