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Actually, no one called him a coward. They called him a murderer. In civilian life he'd get the death penalty.

puts on a pair of highheels and called a hero,jenner, picks up a gun and kills 160 terrorists and call a coward,Chris Kyle,meme

Didn't know wether to pin this in photography or funniies!!

Tourist vs. art graduate vs. Asian.

Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton (I can add an infinite number...Can you?)

Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton (I can add an infinite number.

funny nun - Google Search

May more of the Muslim beasts meet these beautiful virgins soon! Now This is FUNNY

POS clinton!

liar hillary clinton for president in 2016 Young People Shocked By Hillary's Scandals Read the story here

Belinda Farr and Dorothy Camak...I have often thought we could do a great stand up act I must admit.

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Top 5 Craziest Things Confiscated by TSA - Tourist Meets Traveler

Top 5 Craziest Things Confiscated by TSA

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent was arrested Friday for conspiring to smuggle illegal aliens into the country.

Applies to all sides and degrees and shades.

Words_Uncle Sam Want You To."I want you to stop being afraid of other Americans, of other religions, of other classes, of speaking out. You're Americans First. If you don't get it, ask and American who does.

Hillary...Too into herself to notice a t-shirt

An altered photograph appeared to show Hillary Clinton standing alongside a woman wearing an "I'm with stupid" shirt.