Cute idea for the Converse!

Converse with the bride and grooms name? Adorable touch for the groom! Makes for adorable pictures and such a fun way to personalize your ceremony or reception.

converse wedding shoes

Embroidered Wedding converse. Love for the reception for me and the bridesmaids!!!

Wedding converse

how much would i love it if everyone in my wedding party wore converse? i'd love it a lot.

yes! converse for the groom and his men.

Wedding converse to dance in afterwards? Perfection!

Wedding Party Favors and Decor

These will be my wedding shoes!!!!!

converse doing this! Thanks jade ;)

for the dance the night away

Give to the groom on your wedding day.

Of course most people on their wedding day go for beautiful heel or ballet pumps. But if no one can see under your dress, you can wear whatever you want! And these cute "Bride" Converse would make you feel special and comfortable. You could always just have them for your going away outfit!

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