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Protesters don't block traffic to get your support. They do it so you know what it feels like to be stuck in a powerless situation.

Go ahead and get angry. Then take that energy and channel it to the positive side, use it to create something good and beautiful. Laugh, sing, dance, and raise the vibe! Be the Change! Energy is neither bad or good. How you choose to direct it becomes your version of reality. #perspective #attitude #raisethevibes #bethechange

"Keep Calm and Carry On?? No, thanks. I'd rather raise hell and change the world! **★**

I mean, I WANT to be calm and blah blah blah but it's more in my nature to raise hell and break shit.

if you want me to calm down, maybe you should think about that BEFORE you piss me off! LOL

Details about "I Will Not Keep Calm, I will raise Hell and Break S#!t" Sticker Decal wall USMC

i know that vespas are to the noughties what sun-dried tomatoes were to the nineties, but i still wouldn't mind having one. Anything and everythingg,anything else?,Funnie things (of me...)(of life...)(true things...