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Happy birthday to NCT U's Taeyong Birthday: July 1995 American age: 21 International age: 22

NCT Ten pre-debut ©Teen Superstar

NCT Ten pre-debut ©Teen Superstar

Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun, Hansol, Doyoung & Taeyong || SMROOKIES || NCT


Taeyong and Hansol Bahahahahaha love Hansol's face his like "what did you do to my hair you freak" #SMROOKIES

Taeyong and Hansol (Taeyong is obviously the real style genius behind Yuta's hair in the NCT 127 debut.

Taeyong. Oh my days... I just realised what it says on his shirt

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제니 :: smrookies winwin 윈윈 과거사진

제니 :: smrookies winwin 윈윈 과거사진

Jisung - NCT Dream

dammitdoyoung: “stanminirookies: “ An even smaller Jisung ” baby baby jisung ”

Hansol Ten Tensol Ship Member NCT U NCT 127 Kpop Swag Cute Sexy  Heart Fan meeting Firetruck The 7th Sense 2016 Instagram SM Rookies Pre debut Debut Concert Live NCT Life SM entertainment

Disclaimer: NCT Renjun was just revealed, so there's almost no information available on him just yet.