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It Is Okay To Be Angry. It Is Never Okay To Be Cruel. Watch your words. Be careful with your actions... Even when you're angry. Anger is never an excuse to be cruel.

Stop cruelty to animals. Factory farming is painful to even think about;don't contribute to it by eating meat and dairy! Open your eyes and please go vegan.

Anger Management: 7 Tips to Get Your Anger Under Control

Deepak Chopra gives great thought provoking quotes that can change the resistance with which I sometimes have, moving through this earth.-J [Chopra seems like such a good soul; he should be a true Christian!]

22 Quotes About True Wisdom

Animal cruelty is NOT an opinion. What these Animals have to go through to satisfy your greed is hell in its purest form. It's time for humanity to take the blind fold off and realize veganism is not a diet, a lifestyle, or a "personal choice", but it is a moral obligation.

Steak vs. beans... The reason I was a vegetarian for 3 years, but it's hard to eat that much protein from things other than meat so I go meatless most days!