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Dennis Manarchy, world-renowned photographer, has spent 10 years constructing by hand a prototype 35-foot long traditional FILM camera that produces 4.5-foot by 6-foot negatives with unbelievable visual detail. Support his Kickstarter project!

Photographers and their most popular photos…

Photographers and their most popular photos…

The photographers behind the photographs. The people we never get to see. They are taken for granted in my opinion! These people caught some amazing images this world just couldn't be without today :-)

I really like this image. I like how the face is distorted through the glass and i feel like i can use this in my own photography and develop it further by putting drops of food colouring in water and putting that in front of someone's face.

amazing contemporary collodion portrait taken with a 150 year old camera, a portable darkroom and a great deal of skill.

Parisian Fine Art Photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates whimsical photography that sits on the border between dreams and reality. Through the use of graphics and digital retouching, Bourilhon creates stunning imaginary worlds that feature beautiful cinematic undertones and evoke a dream like experience though fully awake