Sex and the City

You're the best person to hang out with because you just want to have fun. And I just want to have fun. And together we make it happen. Or we just do nothing. Because neither of us can think of anything to do.

Let this be a warning. I love my bestfriends, and if you hurt them, I hurt you.

This is so me it isn't even funny

My texting conversations have gone from an actual conversation to sending pictures of funny things I found on pinterest.

Sex and the City!


Sex and the City


The office

love pride and prejudice!



Sex and the City- Carrie Bradshaw

I will totally judge you based n your choice of breakfast cereal, you unfrosted weirdo. lol

so true


Pretty much

If your job is to tell me how to do my job, you should at least know how to do my job.