I would rather be covered in SWEAT at the gym than covered with CLOTHES at the beach.

A one hour workout is only 4 percent of your day. No excuses. #fitness #motivation #DailyHabits #quotes

haha true!

no more hating your body...love your body instead

Get Over Your FOWO (Fear of Working out) --- Exercising is one of the best relievers of stress but yet not everyone goes and exercises when they're stressed. About forty percent of people said they skipped working out because they were stressed. Most people get stressed when they don't meet their goals. But, most people set unrealistic goals. It is better to start with short term realistic goals and take baby steps from there.




So true!

This is so true

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How to loose weight! except the 1st one...that's just silly




So true

True! When my mind to driven motivated body moves to achieve those goals.... So with exercising I need to move my mind again to get that thirst for exercising.

This is so true

So true.