DIY Scrapbook tree

Pretty sure I could modify this into an adorable DIY mobile

scrap paper arrangement

Beautiful Button Tree

Button Tree DIY..Ask now on how to become a member of my new website coming soon. For now these boards are open to the public but will soon go private. Ask now on how to become a member. Keep following for more DIY ideas and info of the opening of the site.

decorating with scrapbook paper

Fabric leaves

This Paper Mache Craft has endless possibilities. We used our Paper Mache Recipe and instead of using paper to wrap around our balloons we used yarn. You end up with a really cool hollow ball of yarn. You could use these balls of yarn to decorate for a party.

DIY - Paper Art - love the design, not the pink!

LOVE it.

scrapbook paper art

Display Your Papers

diy scrapbook paper branches JUST IN CASE U MISSED IT FIRST GO ROUND

These pretty Paper-Lined Jars could also be made with fabric scraps.

Torus tutorial by Dutch Paper Girl

Button trees...Love This might make a good art project for Mother's Day? Or seasonal changes - 4 small squares where the kids paint trees & use different colored buttons to represent each season then put all quarters on a larger sheet together????

Ok, so this is probably really old news, but this is super new and sute to me! Scrapbook paper flower - the blueberry monkey: July 2010

Cute paper crafts

cute idea

I'm thinking this would be pretty easy with scrap paper or fabric on painted canvas, cover with modpodge!

Buy a clear iPhone case and cut out scrapbook paper to fit the back. You can personalize it every day, if you wish.