No more "say cheeeese" How to get the best facial expressions... *wow. these are awesome explanations with visuals to match.

She says, "Remember, it's HARD to get a good picture of toddlers, and you can't expect the perfect eye-contact and a cherubic smile every time you try. Some days it just doesn't happen. The good new is that a smile isn't the only expression worth recording. Sometimes other expressions are just as precious."

100 toddler pictures---these are FANTASTIC ideas.

(don't) say cheese! - tips for getting natural smiles. Awesome tips....wish I would have read these sooner!

Tips for getting a happy smile in kids during pictures! Great photography tips!

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helpful hint – getting natural facial expressions….

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Tons of tips and tricks to get kids to relax, smile (or just show some authentic expressions) and have fun during sessions so you can capture their real emotion and show off their amazing, unique little personalities in photos. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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I love this! 10 different #DIY #photography #backdrops you can use at home - and they're all cheap! Post shows you how to set them up relative to the window for the best photos.

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