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Angelo nero (angel preto) By Cigh! ( location :: Lençois, Bahia, Brazil )

...I've never jumped off a waterfall, though I have had the chance...

cliff that me and Brianna in Barbados??? Would do it again in a skinny minute!

Cliff Jump - scared of heights and scared of deep water so this would be a huge feat

North Shore Oahu Cliff Dive: I've done this...would LOVE to be there right now rather than sweating it out here in NYC

What do you see besides the obvious? I saw it and I was like woah that's so cool. Don't give too much thought to it or you could miss it

I have a picture similar to this! Only it involves a trampoline, not a cliff over a body of water :/

"Oh you know I did it It's over and I feel fine Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind Waited and I waited the longest night Nothing like the taste to sweet decline I went down, I fell, I fell so fast Dropping like the grains in an hourglass Never say forever cause nothing last Dancing with the bones of my buried past..."