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"Red Longboard" by Jessica Nichols, Sweet Eventide Photography one of my favorites ***

Glassed in attitude, very cool stuff. smooth: Soup - What everyones posting right now

I love those low tide surf days. Really makes me feel relaxed and laid back.

Winter As Summer by Charles Bergquist, via Flickr

Fort Point, San Francisco - love watching the crazy surfers catching waves here (also, there's a pair of hasher's hands for those running days!)

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i am SOOO jealous of this...i've always wanted to do this but just never went for it...wish i had...sigh

There is something truly captivating about the way a surfer gazes out into the ocean, completely in tune with the sound of each crashing wave and the smell of the misty salt air hovering over the water. It’s as though one suddenly becomes adrift, lost in the mystery of the sea. ~ Salty at Heart

Learn to surf in Hawaii some place? I haven't been to Maui yet...I think my dad's got dibbs on Maui, he might be pissed if we go with out him.. lol