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my favorite part of summer- laying on the hot sand, letting the sun rays bake my skin to a fine tan and watching the waves roll

Tanning and listening to the ipod.. Cant get much better than this.. Maybe a Margarita in my right hand,,,

3/5: I believe that going to the Sacred Heart school is Tambu's threshold. She has to take a leap, without knowing whats below, that will change her life forever. Tambu has no idea how the convent will be like, but she knows she must take the chance for her education. I chose this pin because as the people are jumping, you can't tell where they will jump. The only thing you can know for sure is that they will land somewhere near water, which symbolizes rebirth.

Summer Nights + Good Friends + Cold Brews + No Worries

this is alllllll i want to be doing right now.

Cheers to finding your solace in the surf, sun or just paddle boarding