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    • Iman Rais

      Image via We Heart It #beach #enjoy #free #Hot #perfection #sea #splash #summer #travel #water #amaizing

    • Untamed Organica

      Free your Wild :: Ride the Waves :: Salt Water :: Cures Everything :: See more Untamed Ocean Photography @untamedorganica

    • evelyn christopher

      oceans & seas & lakes & rivers & streams & creeks & quarries & literally another other body of water [except the occasional puddle]

    • Cheryl D'Ottavio

      Worship in everything you do, everywhere you go....I love swimming. #beach #ocean #blue #sand #free #play #wild #water #swimming

    • The Beach Angel

      “I wish I could describe the feeling of being at sea, the anguish, frustration, and fear, the beauty that accompanies threatening spectacles, the spiritual communion with creatures in whose domain I sail. There is a magnificent intensity in life that comes when we are not in control but are only reacting, living, surviving. But for me, to go to sea is to glimpse the face of God. At sea I am reminded of my insignificance, of all men's insignificance” #beach #summer #thintea

    • Together

      #togethertravel #together #ibiza #sea #sun #summer #summertime

    • Brittney Flanders

      i miss the beach, i miss the ocean but i'm so glad its summer

    • Victoria E

      splish splash, the sea is calling

    • Jennifer Badura

      Summer lovin

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    La Bonne Vie

    1)apparently purposeless. The point of playing within the water in the waves has no meaning no purpose. The only thing that you can find within the waves is pure fun. Nothing to do but enjoy yourself.This is something that I enjoy in the present in my play. I enjoy just going to the beach or driving and just losing myself.

    ✿Open your eyes, the ocean is full of secrets ✿



    The ocean is your heart. It's where your soul plays. Run into the waves, twirl, dance and immerse yourself in the salt water that is cleansing and healing xx

    Happy days


    We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream. Wondering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. World losers and world foresakers, for whom the pale moon beams. Yet we are movers and the shakers of the world forever it seems. ~ Arthur O'Shaughnessy

    { mr. kate beautymarks metallic temporary tattoos }

    play // elle mer //

    into the light

    surf | lady | slider | ocean | sea | love | freedom | sparkle | amazing | beautiful | summer day | photography

    Free as a bird

    Just breath... floating in the ocean is bliss for me x

    splish splash

    swing, swing #planetblue

    A dreamer, she was a free spirit. She loved the sun on her skin and the earth beneath her feet. Bare-faced and hair wild, love was her strength and kindness her beauty. She collected moments instead of things, and preferred her worn boots and a well-travelled bag. She thought of him when she heard the ocean, as he did her.