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Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS White Adventure Series 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 5 X Optical Zoom and GPS

The feel of the warm summer breeze blowing through her sea salty hair, the cool blue water on her tan skin, the orange-y pink sun setting making everything go dark, it was the best day ~♡

The powerful calming feeling brushes over you when you duck dive under the oncoming wave, it caresses you, and you re-surface and dig your hand through the water and look out to the horizon and you can finally breathe, and with each wave that brushes over your head, the power fades and leaves a calm floating feeling lingering around you, i'm floating.

I absolutely LOVE when its Summer time and you go to the beach or in my case, Camp and your getting ready to go in the water but you first have to feel the temperature of the water with your feet and it ripples up and the sunshine from the sun reflects on the water and you can see it sparkle sort of =) I cant wait for Summer this year!!! I NEED warmth! Teal ocean water.