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oh, that's all?? ok guys, because you are all perfect 10's. riiiiiight. haven't met one yet. very rare 8-9's. and then they want this crap in a woman. i give up.

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Just Ross being a troll...

Friends <3

Keep calm... it's almost summer. This just might be my fav "keep calm" poster!

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ModCloth on

Amen sistafraand

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23 Senior Citizens Who Don't Give A F*@k

I just love this. Not cuz its funny thoug. Old people were wild teens on e, and now theyre incapable of doing those things! Its kinds sad :( -Lilli

H. Jackson Brown Jr. quote: Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday.

Sad but true for most people.. So glad I'm surrounded by so many strong, confident women that I don't often think if this.

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