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    oh, that's all?? ok guys, because you are all perfect 10's. riiiiiight. haven't met one yet. very rare 8-9's. and then they want this crap in a woman. i give up.

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    Wouldn't I?!?!?

    So true Chuckie, so true.


    That's HILARIOUS!!! I've SO bit into a damn raisin cookie thinkin it was chocolate chip!!!


    ha ha this made me laugh

    We can't all be princesses ...

    Sad but true for most people.. So glad I'm surrounded by so many strong, confident women that I don't often think if this.

    Unfortunately Sir, you called it accurately. And that my friend is why you were a genius. So true...which is why it is so sad!

    ...or anything

    This sums up my life to a tee. I was an extremely adventurous teenager, when my studies went down hill. But I don't regret a thing. I had a lot of fun, learned a lifetime full of lessons, and came out of my "dark days" an appreciative, motivated, and ready to take on the world kind of girl. Not to say I won't ever have another bad idea, I'm human. But where my life has taken me thus far, I can't complain about. Completing my first significant assignment for a college course, not too shabby!

    Fucking right. :)

    Pretty much sums up my life of being hard of hearing. So when I have a girlfriend or wife we can hang out and chill cuddle and relax together whenever it's convenient for you because I don't go out much.

    There's A Very Noticeable Difference

    "Welcome to the fucking club! Everyone pays for shit they don't want to all the time. You know what? Reimburse me for the Iraq war and oil subsidies."

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    So True

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