A Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake is perfect for a blue wedding or a breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower.

Traditional Tiffany Blue Cake with a modern twist: brooches are actually hair clips from an accessories store

Wedding Cakes.

red wedding cakes are difficult to get right. too much red and it looks like a bloody mess on display. too little red and the color gets lost. we think this cake is the perfect blend and makes the color really pop!

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Designing Your Event Around A Unique and Bold Color: Tiffany Blue

Blue and white cake

Blue and white cake

blingy cake with crystal monogram cake topper!

blingy cake with crystal monogram cake topper! This is such a "blingtastic" cake 🎂! What a beauty it would be to look at on my wedding day 👰🏻🦋🌹✨✨✨

Southern Blue Celebrations: Teal Wedding Cake Ideas

Teal Wedding Cake Ideas

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Cake As actually used a tiffany jewerly box to match this color. This cake served about 80 people (mayble more) i decided to.