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I probably would have, even if you weren't.  -H

"Harry holding up a 'kiss me I'm legal' sign at the Charlotte concert last night. and it was the best night of my life.

Harry Styles

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Did that seriously just happen like what the hell

Did that seriously just happen like what the hell wtf have you looked at Harrt even?

Yes, i still do this!

There is so many pigeons at school so every one i see i yell out Kevin LOL. My friends think I'm a bit crazy but I can't leave every pigeon out LOL.

I'd love to make that three. ;)

Well ya know Harry third time is the charm, so ill happily take one for the team.

Need to try this!

My friends and I concluded that either I will fall down the stairs and break my leg or we are going to purposely lose one of my friends. ITS GONNA HAPPEN!