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Imam 'Ali with Hasan and Husayn. Painting from Persia, Qajar period (19th century). Made with opaque water colour and gold on paper.

The Prophet with Hasan and Hossein his veiled figure is seated leaning against a cushion cradling Hasan and Hossein in his arms Qajar Persia, mid-19th c. - Oil on stretched canvas

Illuminated portrait of Imam 'Ali. From Persia, Qajar period (19th century). Made with Ink, gouache and gold on paper.

Meeting of Caliph Suleyman the Law Giver/the Magnificent & King John II (Zápolya/Szapolyai János Zsigmond) of Hungary in Zimony (1566 CE) (Süleymanname (ca. 16th Century CE Ottoman Miniature Painting) -Matrakçı Nasuh)

A LARGE QAJAR LACQUERED PAPIER-MACHE CHOUGAN SCENE PANEL, 19TH CENTURY, IRAN. Finely decorated in the Safavid style, of a Persian polo match. 35 inches x 24 inches (89 x 61 cm).

“الرجاء ما قارنه عمل، و إلا فهو أمنية” لأحمد بن عطاء الله السكندري

Alhambra Vase, by Théodore Deck, Paris, 1862. Earthenware, inlaid with colored clays & painted. This vase is a faithful replica of a celebrated lustreware jar recovered from the Alhambra, the palace fortress in Granada of the last Islamic dynasty to rule Spain. Tourists visited the Alhambra in the early 19th century, sparking a craze for 'Alhambra' design. #Theodore_Deck #Deck #pottery #art_pottery #lustreware #Spain #Alhambra