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mobile made from fabric scraps

my goal is to get this pattern to all my family members so they can make 1 bird each to add to the mobile. Each one will be personalized by that family and watch over Beanie's crib.

cool-art-polymer-clay-Altoid-tins these are "neat" neat art is nice, or is that nice art is "neat"? either way!

Do it yourself crafts I like / Make polymer clay stamps

Forbidden love... It's been a long time that Igie was in love with JellyBelly...he didn't know how to tell her how much he loves her. Everyone was saying that an Iguana can't love a Jellyfish but Igie didn't want to give up!

Polymer clay disc necklace -- reminds me of puka bead shell ones. No instructions, but it looks like you would just roll out the clay very thin, stamp/cut small circles, and poke a hole in the center for threading.

Polymer Clay Pendant. The translucent flower cane is lovely in this

Polymer clay stand with house pendant/ornament

Kristine Kennedy -Vintage watch tins (Elgin, Excelsior, etc) are used to frame these dreaming faces, and oh what they dream....of all those watches and all that time. Polymer clay is used to form the faces and acrylic paint is applied as a patina.