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Ohio artist Christian Faur creates photorealistic portraits out of thousands of tightly packed crayon tips.

Christian Faur’s crayon art looks more like a rasturbated photograph than a portrait made of colored crayons. After scanning a photo, Faur breaks the picture down into color blocks. Then he closely aligns thousands of colored crayons to recreate the image. Truly amazing!

You just can't beat a box of crayons (great photo by pj taylor)

Attribution for these astonishing works has been lost in the compilation process. First, international currency symbols by Diem Chau. (tinyhaus.blogspot...) Second, crayons carved into the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac, also by Diem Chau. ( Third, ten works by Pete Goldlust. (www.petegoldlust....)

"Love is not a color,a number,nor a gender Love is compassion,kindness,and tenderness,from one to another" ~ Cherry Johnson~

Crayons - This has to top all recycled outfits I've found. I'm in awe, but also have a huge smile on my face! Crayons make me smile... so much fun!

Crayons!!! Mad carving cool!

Unique art created with vertical crayons to form amazing images and portraits -- Art by Christian Faur.

Diem Chau Crayon Sculptures | Great example of what an original artist can create when they think outside the box. Her fantastic little sculptures feature animals, people, and plant life. Some even include more than one color. Abduzeedo has compiled this great roundup of some of her work.

Melt crayons in cool shapes: melt au bain marie in an old can, then pour into mould, let cool