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  • Linda Cutler

    The Chicago Tylenol murders, codenamed TYMURS by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were a series of intentional poisoning deaths in the Chicagoland area in 1982. The victims had all taken Tylenol branded acetaminophen capsules that had been laced with potassium cyanide.[1] The incidents led to reforms in the packaging of over-the-counter substances and to federal anti-tampering laws. The case remains unsolved

  • Doris Forrestall

    Tylenol Cyanide Scare~"The Chicago Tylenol murders occurred when seven people died after taking pain-relief medicine capsules that had been poisoned. The poisonings, code-named TYMURS by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, took place in late 1982 in the Chicago area of the United States. These poisonings involved Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules, manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which had been laced with potassium cyanide.[1] The incidents led to reforms in the packaging of over-the-counter substances and to federal anti-tampering laws. The case remains unsolved and no suspects have been charged. A $ 100,000 reward, offered by Johnson & Johnson, McNeil's parent company, for the capture and conviction of the "Tylenol Killer", has never been claimed."

  • Judith Utter

    Tylenol Murders Chicago, Il. 1982

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This bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol, photographed in 1982, has the same production series number (MC 2880) as the bottles which were found to have caused cyanide poisoning to seven people in the Chicago area. In 1982 seven people died after ingesting Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide poison. The cyanide tampering scare led to reforms in packaging of over-the-counter substances and federal anti-tampering laws.

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I think this president could have done so much more given the time. What a terrible loss for American.

Nicholas W. Calabrese - The first made man ever to testify against the Chicago Outfit. His testimony and cooperation with federal prosecutors helped result in the 2007 murder convictions of mobsters Joseph Lombardo, James Marcello and Frank Calabrese, Sr.

Al Capone's cell at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Chicago’s most famous mob boss spent eight months at Eastern State in 1929-1930. His time in Eastern State was spent in relative luxury. His cell on the Park Avenue Block had fine furniture, oriental rugs, and a cabinet radio.

Al Capone vs. Bugs Moran - The Italian boss against the Irish boss in 20th century Chicago - these guys ran things, but were at each others’ throats the entire time. Robbery, arson, murder, they didn’t really have moral compasses. In the end, Capone served some time and was never able to build his criminal empire back up, and Moran died in jail while serving time for a bank robbery. That one sort of fizzled out.

Imhotep-Egypt World's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, often recognized as the father of medicine, a priest,. scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and a vizier and chief minister, though this role is unclear, to Djoser (reigned 2630–2611 BC), the second king of Egypt's third dynasty,

Martin Luther King Jr being attacked as he marched nonviolently for the Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966