It is the pearl from peeta! Yet, it also looks like a sponsor parachute! Hehe :)

Geek Out With These Hunger Games-Inspired Goods

Hunger Games

Hunger Games Replica Compartment Parachute Necklace

This girl his hilarious!! And she's from Louisville!! That's right, Louisville is awesome :)

This girl his hilarious! And she's from Louisville! That's right, Louisville is awesome :) - Lol! I love her answers.

The Hunger Games Boy With The Bread shirt ($20)

The boy with the bread was Peeta, who with Katniss enters the Hunger Games. Clearly this image is a win-win for team Peeta.

There are not teams in the Hunger Games. There was never a choice for Katniss to make.

Liam Hemsworth Explains His Friendship With Josh Hutcherson

The Boys of Hunger Games: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. I can't choose, Peeta or Gale?

'Hunger Games' Comic: Hilarious Parody Of The Novel Goes Viral

Hilarious 'Hunger Games' Parody Comics Go Viral

(Had a bit of profanity) Giggle-Inducing "Hunger Games" Parody Comics. How do you plan to win the Hunger Games, Peeta?