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"What Do You Mean, 'Ex-Service Man?" Texaco

old Texaco

vintage Texaco sign






Mr Rogers - I miss him.

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife. Yeah. Just...more badass than any one or any thing ever before.

Yep, this was all that stood between us and the big bad boogie man...

Man Holding Baby - what I love most oabout vintage photos is the details....what's on the dresser, the linens, wallpaper, their clothes, etc. All the tiny things

man size pleasure

John Wayne 1931

Old vintage green Chevy pickup truck. #BeautifulCars #VintageLooks #Chevrolet –– Etsy.com

Full service stations when one or two dollars worth got you through the week. When gas was affordable we could spend money on other things.

Holiday Inn sign


Never thought i would find a Tow Truck so hot!

Cycles Onyx Vintage Bicycle Poster

Martini colours, like Gulf colours, just look great on certain cars