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Solving Quadratic Equations Paper Chain Activity

Fun way to get students to practice all the different methods of solving quadratic equations! They build a paper chain as they correctly answer each question!!!

Scientific Notation Paper Chain Activity

This paper chain activity is designed to strengthen students skill in converting…

Systems of Equations Maze ~ Slope Intercept Form ~ Solve by Graphing

Great way to practice Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing, Substitution, or Elimination! My Algebra students would love this!

Point Slope Form Foldable - With Warm Up & Homework

Point Slope Form of a Linear Equation foldable. Teaches students how to write an equation in Point Slope Form given a slope and a point, how to write an equation given 2 points, and how to graph Point Slope Form.

Factoring Trinomials Activity - Beginner

***This Product is also part of my Factoring Polynomials Activites Bundle***This activity consists of 18 easy trinomials (no coefficient on x^2) that student must factor using the 36 binomials. Students cut out the 36 binomials and glue them onto the corresponding trinomial.

SOH-CAH-TOA Solve It ~ 3 Sine Cosine & Tangent Puzzles

SOH-CAH-TOA Solve It. This is a set of 3 trigonometric ratio puzzles. Students must start at the only given complete side and use their knowledge of sine, cosine, and tangent to correctly solve for x.

Fun with Quadratics

Students can see their progress solving quadratics as their chain grows. Friendly competition or collaborative activity.

Area and Perimeter Activities

This set contains 4 printable activities that will help your students gain knowledge about area and perimeter. It contains creative worksheet activ...

Percents & Fractions

Students will be able to independently complete these percent and fraction review printables. This product contains three printables covering perc...

Solving Equations: Two-Step, Multi-Step, Variables on Both Sides Jumble Puzzle

Unique activity for reviewing Solving Equations (Two-Step, Multi-Step, Variables on Both Sides) Jigsaw Puzzle for Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Grometry.