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9x21 King Of The Damned [gifset] - "You desperately wanted this job, but you didn't know what it was?" - love the tag: #Sammy you little shit Job hunting is hard - Dean and Sam Winchester, Supernatural

Just a few of Dean's worst moments. This just makes you realize even more of how much Dean has sacrificed for Sam. Dean has practically driven himself insane with trying to protect his brother. And Sam just does not even realize it.

Spoiler Chat: Guess Who May Have a Secret Son?

I am a huge John Winchester fan. He loved his boys fiercely, but he was a neglectful father at best (Canon. Who leaves a small child for weeks at a time and makes them responsible for their sibling?). They made illusions to abuse (Dark Side of the Moon, for one), and the boys have a lot of emotional issues stemming from this.