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Treetop Ted is an interactive story book with rhyme, simple animations and lots of 'T' sounding words. The story has a repetitive style about it which is great for early learners. The words 'itchy, twitchy, scritchy, scratchy' pop out on touch. You will see Treetop Ted's eyes roll around and hear his voice say things like ... "what is that noise?" and "good grief!" Children can choose to listen to the story by touching the words on each page or you can read it to them which is much more fun!

Story Wheel ($0) Players record a story by spinning the wheel to get a picture, and then narrate a portion of the story. When done, you can listen to your story with animated pictures.

Decide Your Own Adventure Stories ($0.00) You decide where the story leads. Each time you read you get a different result. Literally endless possibilities. After you read each page you are given 2 options. Touch your choice and the page will turn. The story continues until you come to a dead end where you can start again for a different result. Stories include animations that bring the story to life. 3 complete story lines to choose from with more to follow.

My Story. Greatest App EVER!! Make social stories with your own voice and pictures!! It is SO FUN!!

1. A Yucky Meeting( $0.00) the first story in a fun and imaginative children’s series, which uses muck, goop & mischief to tell an environmental story. Developed for 5-8 year olds, the stories have broader appeal for primary school aged children. ‘Read to me’ and ‘Read by myself’ options. Some animation, thoughthe focus is on the story, the illustrations and the message. - Australian made and voiced - Hand-drawn illustrations - Fun sound effects - Series of 5 stories – first 2 out now

Story Creator ($0.00) With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection. Story Creator truly brings your best stories to life and easily allows you to retell and share your most memorable moments. Story Creator offers a magical way to enjoy your personal pictures, videos, and experiences with family and friends.

Zoozoo Readables HD - by Cavallo Media ($0.00 for 12/3/12 sale, normally $2.99) Eight interactive animal stories in one app! Designed specifically for the iPad, the fun-loving Zoozoo characters tell short, humor-filled stories using simple sentences. Each story is designed to be “readable” and accessible to a varying range of early reading levels. Fun animations help to embellish each of the eight stories, adding unexpected twists that will keep young children engaged.

Frankie: the untold story of an itsy-bitsy spider ($0.00) Meet Frankie, the sweet, active, inquisitive, and cool-headed spider who investigates, bounces, climbs, and deals with a big challenge in this original story with beautiful watercolor illustrations. Children can touch the text to hear the story, and touch illustrations that surprise with an animation or a sound. Touch the yellow information button for simple navigation instructions, credits, and contact information.

Toy Story Read-Along ($0.00) *Cinematic, Interactive Read-Along *Choose Read to Me mode to hear the story read aloud, or follow the story at your own pace. You can even Record your own voice narrating and hear it read back to you! * Explore delightful Animations and Surprise features within each page. * Get creative with Finger Painting, sing along to Songs from the movie, and play fun interactive Games! * Tap to play Sound Effects and character voices from the film.